On Tue, Jun 27, 2000 at 12:33:47PM -0600, ronbarry at es.com wrote:
> The target idea
> here is something that makes it so a medium-clue team at LPS against
> a high-clue team goes down faster

What would this accomplish?  If you make genocide easier, it will only further
encourage players to clue stack.

> - eliminating some of the tedium,

There are easier ways to accomplish this.  You could reinstate timercide.
Or reset the game if a team is fewer than X planets.  Or change the res
location to be more distant from the homeworld.

However, I think LPS is part of the game.  If people insist on clue-stacking
on a team to geno a bunch of clueless twinks, then they deserve the boredom
of it all.  If they want a fun and challenging game, they can get it without
any help from code changes: join the weaker team.

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