> Quoting Johan Barelds <s4jbare at szw.denhaag.nl>:
> > I have downloaded the Solaris client, but i can't gunzip it; it says
> > that it isn't an gzip archive.
> > I tried it from very various locations, but it seems that the packet is
> > corrupt.
> Here's what version of gzip I used:
> [brain] ~%gzip --version
> gzip 1.2.4 (18 Aug 93)
> Compilation options:
> Are you sure you transferred it in binary mode?

Chances are, he downloaded it with brain-dead Netscape, which auto-gunzip's
file for you, since Netscape was written by a bunch of silly Macs hacks
(and by "hack" I mean, someone who programs on the fly w/o thinking about
what they're doing), BUT it doesn't rename the file from 
xyz.tar.gz to

So taking a wild guees, the file you're trying to gunzip is a tar file 
that's already been unzip'd.  Move the file to <file>.tar, and tar -tf to 
find out if the archive is ok. (Or just 'file xyz.tar.gz to see if I'm right)

Also, you might want to consider copying the Netscape.ad file to your home
directory (as Netscape) and comment out the following lines:

*encodingFilters:                                \
       x-compress :  : .Z     : uncompress -c  \n\
       compress   :  : .Z     : uncompress -c  \n\
       x-gzip     :  : .z,.gz : gzip -cdq      \n\
       gzip       :  : .z,.gz : gzip -cdq      \n

That way netscape won't try to be your brainless, benevolent master.

(By the way, sorry for the snide attitude, but I've been dealing with
Netscape lately, and some of these issues have pissed me off since Mosaic)

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