On Wed, Sep 20, 2000 at 12:46:50PM -0500, Bob Tanner wrote:
> Quoting Jeffrey Nowakowski (jeffno at ccs.neu.edu):
> > I think the point of Jyve/FAQ-O-Matic is to let random Joe Blow update
> > a FAQ for you.  I'm not so sure that is any better than somebody
> > mailing Tom and saying "Please add blah blah to the FAQ."  Is the
> > problem Tom never gets around to updating the FAQ, or that people
> > never provide input?
> I definately know the latter is a case, but I think a FAQ engine would(?)
> facilitate this a little more. At least then people can add to the comments to
> the FAQ.

FAQ engines are nice, but I think there are problems with completely open
content control.  The sheer number of irrelevant questions might make the
FAQ completely useless.

I think the key is to allow several people access to modifying the FAQ
content.  I don't know if Tom is open to this idea.  In trying to facilitate
a more up-to-date Netrek home page, I've been considering using a content
management system like Zope to allow additional maintainers for sections
of the site.  For example, it'd be great if I can find somebody to update
and maintain Netrek hockey related pages under the www.netrek.org umbrella.
And to get some help finishing up the ever-in-progress player's guide.

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