Hi Kurt,

There's some minor problems with the win32 version
3pl3 of cow from the web site cow.netrek.org.

The font name included with it is ntrk6x10.fon
but it should be renamed to netrek.fon.  The
filename is hardcoded as netrek.fon in gnu_win32.c,
so it's not loading the font included with it.

Result is windows are misaligned, and text is "variable"
width instead of fixed (very horrid looking).

Also some other issues:  portSwap isn't documented
in netrekrc.example, so it won't work when you're behind
a NAT.  I think this should be there, and set to 'on' as
default.... Lots of people are behind NATs these days...

Do you think it would be a better idea just to rename
netrekrc.example in the win32 distribution to just netrekrc?  One less worry 
for newbies, IMO.

One more thing :(  pointer disappears when you're not
in the tactical or galactic window, but reappears when
you move back into the tactical or galactic.  Don't know
the cause of this yet.


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