Jeff wrote back in May something that summarises well what I am aiming
for here ... I commend it to the new members of the list ...

On Mon, May 07, 2001 at 07:57:22PM -0400, Jeffrey Nowakowski wrote:
> The really important project is to get netrek as a single download
> that includes a spiffy client with a tutorial.  The download should
> include the server so the user can play without connecting to the
> network.  It should run under 95/98/NT.  It should include an option
> for a small sized map that lets a small group of office workers play
> and have fun.

Task list and progress:

- single download spiffy client, happening, beta done,
- test spiffy client on 95, 98, and NT, yet to start,
- tutorial, yet to start,
- server in download, needs porting work, no fork() to dup() fd's,
- server with small map, yet to start, low priority.

Let's just do it.  ;-)

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