That is the reason why I stopped the Windows port.  The key feature that
is necessary is that people can play in a more "friendly" environment by
running their own personal servers and invite their buddies on.  It would
be nice if the server also had the capability of having training
"scenarios" where a player can practice taking planets or dogfighting, or
ogging, not just a base practice server.  Which in itself is not that
useful because it requires most people to attain a descent rank even
before they can base on a public server.  I am thinking that people can
use this server and see what netrek is about even before EVER logging onto
a public server.

The second issue was one of getting more weenies to write robots for
netrek and maybe have robo-netrek as an alternative for engineer's week
activities here in the US instead of robo-soccer.

Personally I hate Netrek and the INL, maybe because I was a member of the
team that gave Jitesh's team the fastest geno time on record.  My plan is
to create an all robot team that can kick those INL weenies.  This is just
one step in my overall plan.


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I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but I still don't
see the point of a Windows server port. We have a shortage of players now,
not a shortage of servers. Suddenly having dozens of poorly connected
Windows servers show up on the metaservers won't help things any...

Of course, it's great that you want to do something to help the Netrek
community. It beats having nobody working on any Netrek-related code at
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