Dave Ahn <ahn at vec.wfubmc.edu> wrote:
> I agree, mostly.  I think better time is spent improving the client.  The
> idea of a stand-alone server that runs on the client machine is nice, but
> we can get most of any benefits from that setup by having a real, dedicated
> newbie server with training bots.  While I commend Darryl and others for
> trying to do a complete Java rewrite, I think that those "reimplementations"
> will have little to no benefit in improving the netrek player base.

I disagree.  There are too many people with bad connections out there.
You don't want the user's first experience to be a bad one due to a
flakey connection.  It's much better to have a local tutorial server
that is rock solid.  Any commercially successful game has a localized

> Regardless of the technical differences between Java and C/C++, any Java
> port will require substantial man-hours of implementation and testing 
> without the help of most of our existing developer base that, I would guess,
> will continue to work on Vanilla, COW and other software.

Going to Java is debatable.  On the one hand the C code is well
established, but it is also a mess.  C is also harder to maintain.
I'm willing to bet there are more converted C++ programmers on this
list than you think.

> I really wish we could try to consolidate our development efforts.  We merged
> the INL server functionality into Vanilla, so the server dev is pretty well
> organized.  But there are simply too many clients with people forking off in
> different directions.

I've been saying this for years.  It's unlikely to happen unless
somebody with enough sway can get everybody to agree on a clear