On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 02:53:35PM -0500, Karthik Arumugham wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Darryl Palmer Jr wrote:
> > Personally I hate Netrek and the INL, maybe because I was a member of the
> > team that gave Jitesh's team the fastest geno time on record.  My plan is
> > to create an all robot team that can kick those INL weenies.  This is just
> > one step in my overall plan.
> A bot that can out-dogfight humans most of the time? Possible. A bot that
> can out-clue a human and actually win the game? Doubtful.

Why not? :-)

*Especially* since, at least theoretically, the bots could work as a single
unit with relatively instant response times. Legs and arms of the same body
that destroys the opposition.

As the stupidest example, 'clued' humans will attempt to phaser the
cloaker to obtain their exact co-ordinates, most especially during
LPS. How much fuel is wasted with 2 or 3 'clued' humans all trying to
make their best guess, all possibly missing? If the bots were in
communication with each other, one bot could be assigned the area
covered by the radius of the enemy ship at all possibly points along
its phaser line, with a preference offered for the ship with the most
powerful phaser, at the least range, at the most probable location
that we suspect the cloaker is at. (Interpolate his co-ordinates given
the approximatings offered by the server every few updates) This would
also apply to base oggs. Usually, locating the ogger is half the
battle. Why waste half your fuel on 6 incoming cloakers, just trying
to find them, when a co-ordinated game of search and destroy would be
so much more practical? Also, the computer doesn't blink when its
eyelids get a little dry. No more "we got 6 of the oggers, but the 7th
got through."

Once found, the first one to see him could notify the others, possibly
before the others finish receiving their next update.

Other possibilities include "I'm going to plasma him, press him away
from you and phaser him, and torp him so that we can distract him. The
*instant* he phasers you, I'll launch the plasma."

One sorta strange slip-up I've seen in the code when I last examined
things, is that "detOwn" could be performed on a torp-by-torp
basis. The GUI does not give you this level of control. Any torps that
are guaranteed to not hit the ogger, should be detted immediately, so
that we can lengthen our current salvo during the next daemon update.

Co-ordinated planet takes? The bots could communicate their cloaked
location to each other, which is more information than the enemy
has. "I'm at x,y current heading 270" or "I'm orbitting planet z,
current heading 270", potentially including "turning towards 165".
This way, the other bots could det only if the torps would actually
hit their partner bot. Also, the dets could be organized, such that if
two bots were guarding at that instant, they could alternate, taking
turns doing the detting. Reactions among several entities, co-ordinated
to within a 1/10 of a second of each other? Not being able to take on
an INL team? hmm....

Just some examples of how *theoretically* a bot team could be
significantly better than a human team. Certain other aids are usually
not as useful to clued players (such as having the clients remember
the resources that the planet had before the other team stole it back,
or having it estimate an army count based on how many armies we
suspect were beamed up / down, and how many times, and at what rate,
we suspect it popped at. Usually at least one player on a clued team
is able to remember this, and a recently taken planet that isn't
orbitted very soon after is pretty rare. But then again... if you know
what resources it has, and you can predict (with some degree of accuracy)
the number of armies it has on it... why waste time sending a scout, when
you could be taking another planet, or ogging the other with all the kills


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