If the goal is to increase the netrek player base, then isn't this a
"marketing" issue?  From the Netrek Frequently Offered Clever Suggestion
list it appears that any recommendation outstide of the inner "clue"
circle is immediately shot down.  So if there are no major features or
enhancements that are even needed for netrek then why even bother
rewriting the code?

I am not looking forward to actively participating to cause another genre
of kids to skip classes, to get CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome), or to be
exposed to the vulgarity of some of the players out there on the public
servers.  The fact that the code base still contains "doosh," and that
someone uses it as their email address, and has been maintained in the
code base for years sickens me.  The only hit on the word "doosh" you will
get in my code is in the readme saying that I didn't put it in.

I am more focused on using Netrek for educational and research purposes,
then just using it as a game.  The idea of an entirely autonomous team, or
one that is semi-autonomous with an observer "captain," that can defeat an
entirely human team is intriguing.  Making training scenarios for players
are nice, because they can be used to train the bots also.  At some point
my code will dramatically shift from the current code base to support
pluggable bots along with the increased security and performance
monitoring that is needed for them.

As long as we are moving in the same direction, I don't have a problem.
If you want a mini-server for clients to be able to run, fine, I am doing
that.  If you want to have scenarios to teach newbies how to take planets
and ogg starbases, fine, I will do that to.  Don't want to use my code,
don't want to run my server?  I am not staying up late worrying about it.

I am not trying to flame anyone or trash netrek entirely, although I do so
hate the game, but I am merely explaining what my goals and reasons for
doing a rewrite are.


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I agree, mostly.  I think better time is spent improving the client.  The
idea of a stand-alone server that runs on the client machine is nice, but
we can get most of any benefits from that setup by having a real,
newbie server with training bots.  While I commend Darryl and others for
trying to do a complete Java rewrite, I think that those
will have little to no benefit in improving the netrek player base.
Regardless of the technical differences between Java and C/C++, any Java
port will require substantial man-hours of implementation and testing
without the help of most of our existing developer base that, I would
will continue to work on Vanilla, COW and other software.
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