Nothing is wrong with the word "doosh."  But given that there are now
pre-adults that play this game, and it could be mis-associated with human
sexuality, or even abortion.  I don't want to see little advid 6th to 9th
Netrek players, saying "doosh" in their schools or at home.  Adults could
loose focus on the teamwork and hand-eye coordination that a game let
Netrek teaches, and just see that Netrek teaches their children this word.
I guess if it was off by default it wouldn't not be a problem.


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On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 06:23:10PM -0600, Darryl Palmer Jr wrote:
> servers.  The fact that the code base still contains "doosh," and that
> someone uses it as their email address, and has been maintained in the
> code base for years sickens me.  The only hit on the word "doosh" you
> get in my code is in the readme saying that I didn't put it in.

Uh, what is wrong with the word "doosh"?
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