On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 03:30:34PM -0500, Zachary Uram wrote:
> I have now created a Source Forge account.
> My login is "zinpgh"


> With all the discussion in past weeks I have lost site of what I
> should be doing to help out. Can you tell me exactly what I can
> do? 

Well, as I said, my priorities are spiffy download client, (which some
of us are working on by taking COW and encapsulating it within Inno
Setup, along with others working out a Win32 GTK+ GUI for player
preferences) then the porting of the server to Cygwin.

Zach, I think you need to figure out exactly what you can do based on
your skill set.  This time I don't think I can realistically set tasks,
because things are happening too quick for that.  See if you can figure
out what needs doing that you know you can do, and Just Do It.

I *think* as a group we are agreed that the priority is the client.

> I know how to login to Vanilla through anonymous CVS but have
> never logged in for COW. 

Set up your CVS client, then follow the instructions to check out the
COW source tree as a developer.


The module name is 'client' and the directory is 'cow'.

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