On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 05:49:49PM -0600, Darryl Palmer Jr wrote:
> It seems that there are more posts in 2 days for this list then there was
> last month.  I want to put the bots and other crap aside for a moment and
> discuss the topic of Scenarios.
> What would be the idea scenarios/tutorials that we should have in order to
> train a newbie?  Has anyone given this an idea before or have something in
> place for training INL or WNL team member newbies?
> I think Tom discussed this topic before, last year or so, and had
> scenarios like protecting a planet in a CA that was at 1 from a cloaked
> scout and such.

I don't remember coming up with anything before, but I certainly could.
Start with one-on-one scenarios:

Scenario 1: Kill a Hoser and survive
Scenario 3: (in CA) Kill front-line Hoser to bomb single planet
Scenario 2: (in SC) Bomb all of the enemy planets while being
	 chased by a Hoser
Scenario 3: Kill a Hoser, pick armies, take a planet.
Scenario 4: Stop a bot from taking a planet

Then move into multi-ship scenarios:

Scenario 5: Escort Buddy Hoser to drop on enemy planet vs. one Hoser defender.
Scenario 6: With Buddy Hoser, defend two planets from escort+carrier
Scenario 7: With 3 Buddies, ogg base vs. one defender.

Et cetera.