Tom Holub wrote:
> I don't even know you, but you keep posting idiocy and 
> ignoring valid points made by people who have enormously more 
> experience with netrek and netrek robots than you.

I think this is an idiotic argument.

Mark, write your bots.

I long thought it would be cool to build a bot infrastructure that could
be programmed.  That is something to handle the client/server
communication, but would accept inputs from another entity.  Perhaps a
scripting language, maybe another program, not sure what.  At one time I
looked at hooking in the Tcl/Tk stuff into the client as an option but
decided it was more work than I wanted to do.

I think it would be cool.  I also think the secret to success is
believing something can be done, not admitting defeat right from the
start.  So you are on the right track!

Now you have to look at Tom.  Why earlier this week he was telling us
that VA Linux was massively successful and soon would be a multi-billion
international company, despite spending $13 million for every $5 million
they bring in the door.  So when he says you are making idiotic points,
you can pretty safely ignore him as a Know-it-all wannabe.  

I just brought that last point out to contrast the difference between
youthful enthusiasm and blind optimism. Too much LSD, or something in
the water out there in Berkeley. :-)