On Fri, Dec 07, 2001 at 01:27:00AM -0500, Mark Mielke wrote:
> This is not actually true. 16 ntserv processes can be performing
> write() operations while the daemon is updating, or the robot is
> determining its next move. Move to a single threaded single process
> event driven model, and this is no longer true.

A write() is cheap.  It just passes data down to the TCP/IP stack.
We'd never write() if it would block, the socket would be set to
non-blocking mode.  So I don't agree with the performance penalty.

> A wait *can* be active. Consider read()/write(). Waiting for a write() to
> complete doesn't mean that nothing is happening. In an event driven model,
> waiting for select() *is* waiting.

No, I think we're talking cross-purposes here.  In an event driven model,
the select() is where the waiting for the write() to complete is happening.
If anything else happens then we stop waiting immediately.

> In some ways the win32 environment is significantly better, in others it
> is quite worse. In any case, CYGWIN is an emulation layer, and you can
> therefore expect worse performance.

I can believe that!

> I don't mean blocked as in a write() blocking. I mean blocked, as in
> no data can be transferred between any of the clients and the
> server. For "less than a tenth of a second", "10 times a second", the
> server will be unable to exchange data. Just think about it for a bit.

I did.  It didn't worry me at all.  It never worried Netrek players before.

> 1) The system is currently written to access shared memory. This is
>    practically already a threaded model. An event driven model, by
>    comparison, is far different.

That, I admit, is the best reason for threading.  Dave pointed that out to
me on IRC.  However his mail to the list makes a much more important point
out of stability by separation of process spaces.

> > - Netrek does not need to restrict the developer base by choosing a 
> >   difficult technology.  We need to do the reverse.
> Most people should have pthreads by now.

Yes, they have it.  They don't code in it though.  I'm thinking of people
wanting to help out.  I don't want a large clue barrier.

> Tell you what... I'm leaving for Australia for my Christmas
> vacation. At least some of those days (Dec. 19th -> Jan 4th) I'll
> probably be pretty bored. You do your event driven model, and I'll do
> the thread model. We'll see which patch is smaller... :-)

Why not drop in?  I'm in Australia.  We could go down to the pub and
draw diagrams on the wall.  ;-)  I'm six hours drive from Sydney, in
what the Sydney people would call the outback.  Other interesting things
in this area include an emu farm, a national park, a historic hamlet,
and a few professional telescope installations.

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