The best approach is to keep the brains in your head, and have a human
observer control the entire team through messaging.  This will allow the
bots to only handle low-level activities, and while this doesn't classify
as a fully autonomous team, they are still not borgs but bots.  You gain
an advantage of being able to just watch the galactic and play the role of
"commander," while the bot grunts do the work.  In fact, there might be no
reason at all to look at the local window.


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I'm not sure you really want to do that.  One strange seg fault could
the whole system.  A better approach is to have the brains of the
be a separate process that each of the bots communicate with.  This would
allow you to put the bot brains on to a separate machine (for CPU reasons)
and then divide the bots up on to other machines.  If one bot crashes, you
don't lose 7 others along with it.

Also, you then don't have to worry about people using global variables.
Cleaning up the code is going to be a major project and really isn't worth

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