On Mon, Dec 10, 2001 at 11:51:58PM -0800, Daniel Damouth wrote:
> Most commercial human-vs.-computer strategy games take the some approach,
> which can be described as "the only way to challenge the human player is to
> play under different rules".  For example, in Civilization, the computer has
> to cheat extensively to challenge the human player at higher difficulty
> levels.  Nobody really likes the fact that the computer has to cheat.

"Cheating" by having one brain controlling 8 ships on the same team is
a lot different than cheating by having all the other races in the game
gang up on you, or by changing the resource allocation rules.  I think
it's the wrong focus for the project and I don't think it will provide
useful returns, but I don't think it's philisophically a big problem.