On Fri, Feb 02, 2001 at 03:23:29AM -0800, Trent Piepho wrote:
> So if there are two or more bases on a team, and one base uses 
> nodock, can the player effected not dock on the other base either?  

Yes.  But the other base can change the flag back.

> What about a friendly base on another team, could they dock on that 
> base?

No.  The p_candock status is part of the player struct.

> Can a friendly base turn off docking for players on another team?

No.  Line 1143 of ntserv/ntscmds.c.

> Does not being able to dock on a base really make a difference to 
> dead d00dz anyway?

This is a question outside the code.
If you mean the anti-social non-base players, no.
If you mean the base owner, yes, they will be happier.

> If a base quits, will docking disables be turned off?  

No.  They are turned off when a player enters as a base.  Line 138 of
ntserv/enter.c.  The disables will be kept if a base refits out and 
another base refits in.

> If a player quits, will the next guy to get his slot be blocked from 
> docking?

No.  Line 407 of ntserv/main.c.

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