Quoting Vanilla CVS Development <vanilla-devel at us.netrek.org>:
> From: Vanilla CVS Development <vanilla-devel at us.netrek.org>
> To: vanilla-devel at us.netrek.org
> Subject: [Vanilla Devel] CVS update: Vanilla
> Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 16:51:38 -0600
> Date:	Wednesday January 3, 2001 @ 16:51
> Author:	unbelver
> Update of /home/netrek/cvsroot/Vanilla
> In directory swashbuckler.fortress.real-time.com:/var/tmp/cvs-serv23944

Ya know.  I just realized (and verified by looking at my command
history) I didn't do a cvs login and password entry before I did that
commit, yet it still let me commit under my name.  

Is that a problem?

--Carlos V.