Your server should automatically register itself with the metaserver if
everything is running properly.  You can also contact
	vanilla-metaserver at
to have your server listed explicitly.


On Sat, Jan 20, 2001 at 03:43:06PM -0600, John Hitt wrote:
> I was wondering who to talk to about getting a server added onto
> the metaserver list.  I have set up a base practice/dogfight practice
> server and would like to add it to the list so that people know
> it is around and can use it.
> server is located at on the standard port.
> If you are not the correct person, can you either forward this
> note on, or let me know who the correct person is.  
> Thanks in advance.
> -john

Dave Ahn | ahn at | Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

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