Dear Sir/Madam:

I am the head of a Russian fast-growing software and Web development company.
Currently we are seeking for Web and software development projects that we could 
implement on telecommute basis. 

Our offshore location allows us to charge only 10 dollars per hour. Nonetheless, 
we provide competitive quality and reasonably short development terms. 

You can also be our intermediary or representative reselling our services to the customers
in your location.

Our fields of development include Web sites, e-commerce systems, Internet programming
and many more. You can assess our knowledge and expertise by looking at the 
brief summary of skills in the enclosure below.

To get more information about our services and skills and to look at the samples of our
previously completed projects visit our Web site at

If interested, please send your offers and inquiries to contact at

Sincerely yours,
Artyom Shterman.


Brief summary of our skills and expertise.

Hardware:      PC

systems:       MS Windows 3.x/95/98/2000/NT, MS DOS

DBMS:          SQL Server, FoxPro, MySQL, Interbase, MS Access, Oracle

Languages:     C/C++, Pascal, Java, SQL, Basic, Prolog,
technologies:  HTML/DHTML, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP,
               SSI, Windows Sockets, ColdFusion, CGI, Perl,
               PHP, Flash4, Design
technologies:  COM/OLE, ActiveX, ODBC, DAO, ADO, WinAPI

Software:      MS Visual C++, C++ Builder, Borland C++,
               Delphi, Borland Pascal, MS Visual J++,
               JBuilder, Visual Basic, VBA, PhotoShop,
               Turbo Assembler, IIS, MS Office