You know, I was going to spend some time this past week working on this.

Instead I got sidetracked with my house.  I have rearranged all my
furniture, my office... and am now in the process of jointing the drywall in
my garage preparing to paint it.

Maybe if I just committed some time tomorrow night I could have something.

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> On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 12:54:45AM -0500, Steve Sheldon wrote:
> > But I'm going to promise to make a serious effort this next
> couple of weeks
> > to clean up my internal windows netrek client and bundle up a
> new release.
> How's it going, Steve?  Got anything yet?  ;-)
> I'm doing a demonstration and training evening for Netrek at a local
> government internet cafe next Tuesday.  I've documented the COW and
> Netrek 1999 install sequence for newbies and I'm not happy with it.
> Have a look at specifically the Microsoft
> Windows link.  While I've had a go at describing the steps required, I'm
> not confident that many people will be able to struggle through it.
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