hi my name is michael trout my daughter is 18 she has a comp that i pay 60.00 
 dollars a month on  it includes aol unlimitted   she has been charged 44.oo 
dollars extra now aol talk has changed my long distance with out me knowing 
and took 260.00 dollars from her bank account     this is my house n my phone 
who the hell do they think they are   the money is not alot to you but it is 
to me
what they did is illegal  they were not permitted to change my phone or go in 
her bank account        please  respond by mail i do not use the comp. that 
much  i dont even n
think you will get this but who ever does please help    aol talk is stealing 
are money and we dont have much not trying to give you a sad storry but we 
need are money       
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