On Fre, 11 Mai 2001  Mack B. wrote:

>I'm wondering if there is a way to configure COW so that the graphics
>are as good as the screenshot on the COW webpage.  I've downloaded the
>newest release (3.00pl3), but the bitmaps and effects are not as fancy
>as the picture seen.  Perhaps there is some tweaking that I'm not aware

Oh, thats a special picture of a base ogg I recorded with cow from
the base practice server on my machine and fetched a screens shot
from the playback under Linux. So lots of ships inclusive the
base exploding above a planet.

It takes a while to catch such a situation, but its real. 

So which effect is missing? You may selectivly switch on an off
certain color effects, as well as if some bitmaps are not working
they are tuned off.


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