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>G'day Kurt,
>While I have recommended installing Linux in order to use the small
>screen client, I'm wondering if there is a prebuilt small screen client
>for Windows?

There isn't any yet, but it's easy to build. My only problem I have
curently is that my old SCSI disk died and windows doesn't recognise
my newer IDE disk. So I'm stuck with using Linux only ;-)

>I checked the COW CVS for build instructions under Cygwin, but found
>only the win32.changes file.  It seemed fairly old; if I can find
>someone to help me build it, are those instructions current?

As I said, its quite simple. Install cygwin and simply type


Close, before you do that you need softlinks for /bin and /tmp to the
proper cygwin dirs. Thats all. You probably might get an error for
makedepend missing, but the CVS version should have fixed that
already. If you get this error, type 


again and everything should work fine. 
Of corse you have to set the proper parameters in the key.def file,
attached you will find mine for the win32 release.

Hope that helps,


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