Hi all,

 I'm going to modify the installation so that it doesn't compile and
installed what it's not needed in INL mode.

 James Cameron laready point me this :

(a) definitely not needed on an INL server
    xsg/ - the god cheat program
    robotd/ - the intelligent robot
    pledit/ - we don't keep the player database
    sequencer/ - we use a better sequencer
    gum/ - the default configuration is required only 
    robots/newbie robots/puck robots/mars robots/basep
    tools/fun tools/mergescores tools/newscores tools/ntpasswd
    tools/scores tools/showgalaxy tools/sortdb tools/trimscores

(b) definitely needed
    newstartd - the listener process (netrekd)
    ntserv - the per player process
    daemon - the simulation coordinator
    cambot - the recording agent
    robots/inl - the INL server sequencer

 Could those who know complete the list ?

 Benjamin `Quisar' LERMAN