On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 11:14:01AM -0400, Dave Ahn wrote:
> I guess it's a good idea to avoid building portions of the INL server
> that actually don't work with the INL mode enabled (i.e. xsg, showgalaxy,
> pledit).

Great.  ;-)

> > Trimming it down will also reduce the build time.
> Heh.  Just be patient until we get the new continuum box in place.

It wasn't a problem for me now that I've done it, but yes, continuum
was really slow compiling while 16 netrek players fought it out.  ;-)
> What we really need is a webified administration of the server if 
> simplicity is a priority.

Already started.  I've a php directory in my Vanilla tree and I've done
a few things with it already.  What do you think we need in the way of
administrative features?

My guesses;

(a) start, stop or restart the server, [privileged]

(b) preconfigure defaults for next INL game, including team names,
game times, and captain character names, [privileged]

(c) reservations for the INL server,

(d) show list of games, latest first, team names, final scores,

(e) on click to recent game, show stats, message log, playback links,

(f) feedback to server admin,

I'm actually needing this if I set up Netrek for the eight players I
have now in the outback town down the road.

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