Dave Ahn <ahn at vec.wfubmc.edu> wrote:
> In this day and age I think it's silly to build a completely standalone
> server that functions without an Internet connection.  Internet based
> games are popular, and it is no longer unrealistic to expect people to
> have some kind of active connection to play the game like it was 2+ years
> ago.  Time is better spent building an on-line newbie training server
> which would be less work.  Somebody just needs to write a smart robot.

I think you underestimate the value of a standalone server:
a) People with dialups.
b) Bad routes to hosts.
c) Firewall problems.
d) Convenience factor when you are just learning.
e) Get them hooked by playing with friends locally.

> I agree 100% about a revamped client, a decent tutorial and improved
> documentation and downloads off the web site.

> I've been working on and off for years (yeah, it's sad) on some of the items
> listed above, including improved web site and documentation.

Documentation and web site are a waste of time.  People want to
download and go.  Yet another clue or newbie archive is not the