From: James Cameron <quozl at>
>On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 12:54:45AM -0500, Steve Sheldon wrote:
>> I've also now learned VB well enough that I think I can throw together a
>> quick xtrekrc generator program to go with it.  But I'm going to first focus
>> on just releasing what I have to let people use that.
>Release early, release often.  Others can test your code and adjust it.

Don't you mean... Test Early, Test Often, which is the original phrase used that was coopted by OSS. :)

>I've been dreaming of a PHP based web site that would take a player's
>xtrekrc file and present a form to let them change how it works, then
>download the new one.  Package a web server and PHP with the client,
>and there you have it.  ;-}

Take that functionality, put it into a COM DLL, and then you could build two presentation layers, one using ASP, the other using say a VB client. :-)

>> Ultimate goal is a nice setup.exe package, with a frontend program that
>> helps generate an xtrekrc and then launches netrek.exe with options passed
>> to it.  Instead of using the command line, etc.
>I've got a computer camp coming up in September that I'd like this to
>be available for, in case you would like a deadline.  ;-)

Too late, I want a deadline of June. :)

>> Oh, BTW...  One of the fans on the powersupply of my Sparcstation seems to
>> be dying.  Anyone happen to know how easy that would be to replace?  Looks
>> like maybe a 60mm fan?
>60mm fans are a common size.  I can get 12V models for about $USD7.
>The width will be the next thing.  Open the box, measure the fan.
>If you can get the fan out, brush it with a vacuum cleaner nearby,
>it may start running faster, (or not at all).

Looks like it's a 60x60x25 which appears to be a fairly common size.   I'm going to try cleaning it out first, but it sounds like it's off balance or the bearings are going out.  Maybe stop by MicroCenter tonight and see if they have that size fan.

Anyway, I'll see if I can't knuckle down and compile a release client tonight, to at least get it out there.