I thought the astro.ufl server was serving the newbie role.  Today we had
two full games simultaneously -- when was the last time we had the?  Worse
players tend to flock to astro, and I think it has some sort of auto-robot
entry.  The fact that you can upgrade to GA if you have 5 kills doesn't make
much difference.

From: "Karthik Arumugham" <karthik at karthik.com>

> If I were to bring it back myself, I'd bring back the latest version with
> the tutorial (see http://tutorial.psychosis.net/), and I'd probably also
> in the autoejecter I was thinking about (eject anyone with > 1.0 offense
> something like that, to keep non-newbies out).

How do you know that exactly the top 50% of players would be non-newbies?
Perhaps it would be useful if you used the 1.0 offense KPH of continuum
rather than newbie itself.

Dan Damouth