On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 01:16:10AM -0400, Karthik Arumugham wrote:
> You mean the original version that pulled everyone off continuum so they
> could scum rank with skewed stats caused by bots playing? This WAS an
> "everyone is an Admiral" version just as much as the others, since any
> random twink could just sit there scumming 10+ stats.
> If I were to bring it back myself, I'd bring back the latest version with
> the tutorial (see http://tutorial.psychosis.net/), and I'd probably also add
> in the autoejecter I was thinking about (eject anyone with > 1.0 offense or
> something like that, to keep non-newbies out). Of course anyone could bring
> it back as it was with the newbie code from the Vanilla server, but I think
> many people would hate to see that happen, as it arguably caused significant
> damage to the Netrek community last time.

I agree with Kart.  The original incarnation of the newbie server ended up
with bad results.  But, I do think that the concept can be accomodated.

For example, bringing back a form of the newbie server that is open only
from 6PM to 12AM might help to alleviate the bottleneck on continuum's
queue.  The other option is to only allow logins to the newbie server if
there are at least X people playing on continuum.  Of course, somebody
would have to write such code.

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