On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 03:12:20AM -0700, Daniel Damouth wrote:
> It seem strange that the servers hockey.psychosis.net, kirk.hal-pc.org,
> spamburger.openface.ca, and soda all report as "Timed out".  Puck doesn't
> even appear.  Is this all correct?

I checked out each one manually with a "telnet ${server} 2591" ...

hockey.psychosis.net responded properly with a player list,
kirk.hal-pc.org is not responding at all,
spamburger.openface.ca connection refused,
soda.csua.berkeley.edu connection refused,

The only incorrect entry is therefore hockey.psychosis.net.
Perhaps it wasn't up 26 minutes ago.  Kart/Dave?

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