On Thu, 10 May 2001, Steve Sheldon wrote:
> >Maybe someone with crusty old windoze clients could check if they can handle
> >this ok.  Except cow-lite, which doesn't work with the current server anyway. 
> >Maybe cow-lite's keys should be removed, so people stop playing with the buggy
> >old client.
> When you say it doesn't work, what specific functionality is busted?

People say that they can't see if their shields are up and that they won't

> It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to remove it.  As far as I am aware the only signifigant reason for COW-lite existence is because that was is the only client I'm aware of that still works with Windows 3.1.  But even then I believe you had to install Win32s extensions and it may or may not work.
> But I really doubt anybody still uses COW-lite at all.  I'd be very surprised, if they did.

I just saw someone log onto continuum with cow-lite.  I know a number of times
I've seen people complain about things not working, and when I check they're
using cow-lite.  I think there are also older BRMH clients that can't handle
32 players, maybe those should be retired too.