Hey Carlo, are you still on this list?

I cannot remember if this is my responsibility or yours?

I just don't want to step on toes.

I'll make the change in cvs and commit, but I just want to make sure we go the
rolls right.

----- Forwarded message from Rob Kaut <kaut at ee.ualberta.ca> -----
> Hello, I have emailed twice previously regarding the addition
> and removal of servers that I administrate and I have received
> no response. If the process will take a while, I would
> appreciate it if someone could notify me of that.
> I administrate hp06.ee.ualberta.ca. I wanted to inform the
> Metaserver admin that hp06.ee.ualberta.ca should be removed and
> bode.ee.ualberta.ca should be added in its place. Bode is a
> paradise server as well.
> Thank you.
> Rob Kaut
----- End forwarded message -----

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