Ainsi parlait Dave Ahn :
> On Fri, Oct 26, 2001 at 11:49:23AM +0200, Guillaume Rousse wrote:
> > Before adding vanilla package to official mandrake contributions, i must
> > be sure of the license used. I found no mention of it neither on web site
> > nor in archive, except for gum (GPL). To be precise, i found the
> > 'unknown' mention in existing spec file, but that won't comply with
> > mandrake policy :-) I have the same question for cow, if anybody here
> > knows.
> The netrek licensing issue has never been fully resolved because people
> have different interpretations for it.  In my opinion, the license is
> completely free for any use and, therefore, is even more generous than
> GPL or BSD.  However, other people feel that the "without fee" clause
> restricts it to non-commercial use.  The only thing you can do is take
> the copyright statements and clear it with the Mandrake people and get
> their interpretation on it.  Note that you should send them all copyright
> statements.
I was just looking for a value among the available one (see for the rpm 
license tag. From what i heard so far, it seems BSD is the most appropriate 
one. Anyway, the real license files will always be shipped with the package.
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