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Subject: [Contrib-Rpm] vanilla-2.9pl7-2mdk
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 17:15:21 +0200 (CEST)
From: Guillaume Rousse <devel at>
To: Changelog List <changelog at>


Name        : vanilla                      Relocations: (not relocateable)
Version     : 2.9pl7                            Vendor: MandrakeSoft
Release     : 2mdk                          Build Date: Sat Oct 27 23:21:24
 2001 Install date: (not installed)               Build Host: Group       : Games/Other                   Source RPM:
Size        : 809931                           License: BSD
Packager    : Guillaume Rousse <g.rousse at>
URL         :
Summary     : Netrek Vanilla Server
Description :
Netrek is the probably the first video game which can accurately be
described as a "sport."  It has more in common with basketball than
with arcade games or Quake.  Its vast and expanding array of tactics
and strategies allows for many different play styles; the best players
are the ones who think fastest, not necessarily the ones who twitch
most effectively.  It can be enjoyed as a twitch game, since the
dogfighting system is extremely robust, but the things that really set
Netrek apart from other video games are the team and strategic
aspects.  Team play is dynamic and varied, with roles constantly
changing as the game state changes.  Strategic play is explored in
organized league games; after 6+ years of league play, strategies are
still being invented and refined.

The game itself has existed for over 10 years, and has a solid
playerbase, including some people who have been playing for nearly as
long as the game has existed.

This is a server for the multi-player game of Netrek.


* Sun Oct 28 2001 Guillaume Rousse <g.rousse at> 2.9pl7-2mdk

- new in contribs
- fixed smp compilation
- fixed logrotate complaints
- rewrote init script
- changed license tag to BSD



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