On Saturday 27 October 2001 22:12, Trent Piepho wrote:
> Everything I have read about this indicates that you need the permission of
> ALL the copyright holders in order to distribute their work under a
> different license.
> Of course that will never happen with netrek.  I doubt anyone even knows
> who all the copyright holders are!  This is why orginizations like the FSF
> require that all contrbutors sign over their copyright to the FSF.

The names is easy:

As for COW the license holders are:

  Copyright (c) 1986   Chris Guthrie 

  Copyright 1989               Kevin P. Smith
   Scott Silvey

 Copyright 1993 
 * COW (BRM) authors (including but not limitted to: Kevin Powell Nick Trown
 * Jeff Nelson Kurt Siegl)

 Copyright 1994
 * Hockey Lines added to COW by Nathan Doss Michael Kantner 

Additionally for the server
        Copyright (c) 1993      Tedd Hadley
                                Heiko Wengler

But there are lots of great contributors missing. And the hardest part would 
probably be to find out where they are now. Probably even Tom Holub will not 
be able to help us here.

So I opt for the community poll, since Netrek as it is now is a community 
project where basically only Netrek players contributed to the code.


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