On Friday 01 February 2002 08:28, you wrote:
> Hi,
>     I have tried using the standard glibc binaries, but they do not seem to
> work (do not even launch). I compiled my own from the available source and
> it seemed to be fine. Could you tell me the procedure for getting this RSA
> verified (I can do a quick recompilation for the RSA stuff). I do not mind
> sending the binary to somewhere as a general resource, but I do not want to
> be considered a maintainer or anything.
> (Only done stable version compile so far - I have no problems creating the
> other binaries though.)

Only clients from trusted maintainers will be RSA verified usually. So if 
there is already a blessed version out for an OS, there should not be another 

So the question is now, why does the regular client not work on your machine.

You may try and send us a
	ldd cow-binary
to verify the used library versions on your machine.


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