This isn't a spam message - I'm sending this out to an email list
of Software Promotion companies that I extracted with a web
-crawling program, and it's sure to be not 100 percent accurate. 
If you're not a Software Promotion/Internet Marketing company, 
I'm sorry...just ignore this. Again, I'm not trying to sell
 anything - just hunting around looking for the company that can
 give me the best deal in what I need.

Dear Sirs...
  My name is Shawn Halfpenny, author of a software package
 called ListMate Pro - a fairly popular  email list management
 package ( Basically, I'm looking for a good
 internet marketing company that can do some promotion for my
 software to boost my sales.

Here's what I would like:

- Submission of my software to the major software download sites
 (, etc.)
- Submission of my ad to any opt-in mailing lists that you might
- Announcement of my software to appropriate newsgroups.
- Classified ad postings.
- FFA postings.
- Search engine submission, with mirror page submission.
- Any other effective promotional techniques you can think of
 that I've left out.

Please list package deal price for all the services together, and
 also individual prices for each service.

One more thing - have you ever heard of this "HyperTracker"
 thing? ( It's supposed to be great in
 tracking the effectiveness of your various ad campaigns - which
 are pulling, which aren't. I bought an autoresponder from and they gave me a free one of these things - I
 suppose I might as well utilize it. Judging from the explantion
 of it on the website, it looks like it requires that a unique
 HyperTracker-generated URL is used as the link to my software in
 each of the ad campaigns I have. So I would need for you to be
 able to incorporate these unique HyperTracker URLs in any
 advertising you do for me.

Please note - this same message is going out to several hundred
 other internet marketing companies, so I would hope you come
 across with your best offer, otherwise I will just look 

Thank You
   Shawn Halfpenny
   ListMate HQ
   shawnh at
   Tel: 1-902-445-2636
   ICQ: 5619105
   AIM: ListMateHQ