Can someone tell me how to refresh my Vanilla tree
via CVS so I make sure I have all the latest commits?

Also, I have finally setup and done some homework on
GNOME/GTk/Glade/XML and am ready to begin work on the
the GTk GUI front end for Vanilla config files.

Also I recall someone was working on a GtK GUI wrapper
for editing netrekrc file in Cow3 client.

IIRC there was also talk of porting Cow3 to GNOME

So I get some feedback on these 3 particular issues
and specificaly who is working on what and their
I am newer to development than everyone else here so I
am starting out small on just the GTk GUI from end for

Also I am wonderfing if anyone uses IRC or some
instant messenger program if I am working on something
and wanted dynamic feedback/discussion?


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