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 README for developers
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 	use "control-x v =" to produce a diff on that file vs CVS
 	use "etags *.c *.h" to build a tag list of variable names
 	use "meta-." to find a definition of a variable or function
+Commit messages, ChangeLog, and source comments are for different 
+Commit messages are for storage in CVS and distribution to the mailing
+list.  They are used for code review by the other developers.  Once 
+generated in CVS, nobody reads them unless they have to review a change 
+again.  This is where you would put design discussion.
+ChangeLog goes to the end user of the code, the server admins, and to 
+the release engineer who uses it to form a short list of new features
+and changes for the web page.  This would often be briefer than the CVS
+commit message, but remember it is included in the code review process
+anyway, so there is a bit of overlap.  ChangeLog is CVS controlled.
+Source comments are for the next person trying to understand the code.