Now others as well as me are having problems with
connecting to both regular wait queue as well as
the OBS queue. So things are getting worse it seems!
I will dig through my logs to give you exact date,
time, and IP. Kevin just posted the below cited
message to RGN so I am not only one having problems.
Also the lag/ploss on Continuum for past week has been


kbernatz+ at pitt.edu (KEVIN M BERNATZ) wrote in message
news:<a70uib$6nn$1 at usenet01.srv.cis.pitt.edu>...
> Anyone else having major issues connecting to
> The past couple nights I've called up a meta server
and gotten q1 or 2
> and when I click either regular or observer, I get
insta-ghost bust.
> I have no problem connecting to pickled or another
server, but with
> continuum it doesn't ever let me connect...just
insta GB and the q never
> seems to change.

Hey Kevin,

I have had the identical problems you described with
connecting to regular wait queue as well as observer
queue. Sometimes if I try to connect several times in
a row it will eventually allow me. And I have seen
this problem on both ports 2592 and 2593.

Also something seems to be amiss with real-time.com
connection to alter.net. My pings (via traceroute)
seem to be fine (~100-150ms) until I hit alter.net
then they jump up to 500ms-2000ms !  And when I hit
real-time.com they settle down to about 300-400ms. I
did traceroute to pickled.psychosis.net and other
servers and no problems. 

Maybe real-time.com is upgrading some if its software

But these queue issues seem like Vanilla problem.


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