Have gotten several emails the last couple of weeks from people asking how to
setup iptables under linux 2.4.x kernel and still be able to play netrek.

I think I get personal email because my email is on mailing list as the admin
and because of continuum. I've directed them to this list, but have not seem
them post.

Anyways, is there a HOWTO for the answer to this question?

The only thing I could find related was the trekhopd, and that code is from Dec
of 1996(!) and I don't know if it's necessary.


Is it possible to run netrek behind a linux firewall using iptables and

If so, is there a url for a HOWTO to set this up?

If not, is they only solution trekhopd?

If trekhopd -is- the only solution, could it be enhanced to become an iptables

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