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> On Wednesday 01 May 2002 09:36, Bob Tanner wrote:
> > Summary:
> >
> > Is it possible to run netrek behind a linux firewall using iptables and
> > masquarding?
> With portSwap: on the client actively opens the connection to the server. 
> This is enough to get through masqerading hosts, as well as firewalls wich 
> are open for connections from the inside.

I assume portSwap: is a cow only parameter, based on this post from Alec?


Does the lastest build of cow have portSwap enabled by default? I'm assuming so,
from this url:


I'm assuming you can config the client to use something like port 9999 with the
portSwap feature.

So firewall rules would look something like this (if you got portSwap):

open a hole for tcp port 2592 to your favorite server; this is the initial tcp

open a hole for udp port 9999 to your favorite server; this is the real-time
traffic of the game

Any other ports that should be opened?

My confusion is with James posting here:


His recommendation is to use trekhopd, is that still the best recommendation?

If so, could it be made into an iptables module?

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