Quoting Trent Piepho <xyzzy at speakeasy.org>:

> > His recommendation is to use trekhopd, is that still the best
> > recommendation?

> I don't think James is seriously recommending using trekhopd.  trekhopd is a
> major pain to use, as you need to compile a special client just for
> it.

Yup.  I believe I'm the only person using a trekhopd client.  And
that's only because I'm the KEYGOD and its convenient for me to add
the client key. (actually, I just used the same key as the solaris COW

>  It also doesn't apply to the way most modern filewalls work.  It's
> really designed for the "one unix machine with internet access"
> model that was more common 10 years ago.

Or for the reason I use it--Masking where I'm REALLY playing from.

>  Just forget trekhopd.

It has its uses.  But nowadays is inconvenient to use.  And I need to
do a diff of the tarball with the version I compiled.  I know I fixed
some bugs in both the trekhopd daemon AND the COW src.  I committed
the fixes into the COW cvs tree, I don't remember submitting the
changes to the trekhopd tarball.  IIRC, the bug was something along
the lines of "COW was upgraded, but the trekhopd code wasn't."

/* diff runs.... nope trekhopd not changed.  */

And at the moment, COW 3.0pl2+ is the only client that can support it
(with a re-compile) that I'm aware of.  N:200x was split off of COW
before I fixed it.  Don't know about P:2000

--Carlos V.