On Wed, 1 May 2002, Carlos Y. Villalpando wrote:
> >  It also doesn't apply to the way most modern filewalls work.  It's
> > really designed for the "one unix machine with internet access"
> > model that was more common 10 years ago.
> Or for the reason I use it--Masking where I'm REALLY playing from.

That's something I didn't think of.  I get really bad lag to continuum when I
connect from my DSL line, the lag appears to be caused by the uunet section of
the route.  If I connect from my work computer, it uses sprintlink and gets
much better lag.  I don't want to play from work, but I could run trekhopd on
my work machine and tell my client at home to connect to it.  That way I would
get the better route over sprintlink.

I do this now, except I uses Linux IPIP tunneling to send the packets from
home->work->continuum.  I get 70ms this way instead of 150-500ms that uunet

> before I fixed it.  Don't know about P:2000

P:2000 dones't support trekhopd.  I removed some of that code when I was
adding portswap support.