On Sat, May 11, 2002 at 07:14:06AM -0500, Bob Tanner wrote:
> Netrek got slashdotted! Wow!

I'm surprised the web server hasn't crashed...
> Any way to capitalize on this coverage?
> I'd like to linx to the cow rpms I build to make it easy as possible for
> newbies to install the client.
> Dave, what do I need to do about the export stuff?

Not much.  Go ahead and build the client and get the key installed.
Upload it to ftp.netrek.org in incoming and email me (please CC
ahn at pointdx.com), and I will put it in and notify BXA.  So long
as you publish the download URL at ftp.pointdx.com, anyone can
download the RPM.  The law still prohibits you from making your own
copy and distributing it yourself (i.e. Just because it's available
at ftp.netrek.org, it doesn't mean you can copy it and put it on
ftp.elsewhere.com for download unless you notify the BXA about

BTW, make sure that if you also build an SRPM that the rsa_* files
are not included...otherwise you will also distribute the private