Just played a game today, scrimmage DL.


I was scout bomber.  My ticks in each zone don't seem right.  I've had
a quick look at the code, and I can't see why the data looks so odd.

(tz0)  [ticks in zone 0]              :   1: backfield
(tz1)  [ticks in zone 1]              :   4: core + 2 side 
(tz2)  [ticks in zone 2]              :   9: front line 
(tz3)  [ticks in zone 3]              :  49: enemy front line
(tz4)  [ticks in zone 4]              : 132: enemy core + 2 side
(tz5)  [ticks in zone 5]              : 121: enemy backfield
(tz6)  [ticks in zone 6]              :   1: 3rd space
(tz7)  [ticks in zone 7]              :1451: dead or indeterminant

I know I didn't go into backfield, but I do know that I was in 3rd space
for a short time.  I went into orbit over a ROM frontline.

(tt)   [ticks total]                 :17607:
(tyel) [ticks in yellow]              :4873:
(tred) [ticks in red]                 :4613:

Now, the ticks in each zone, minus 1 for each zone (the base count), add
up to 1760, as they should.  But why so many in zone 7?  Why none in
3rd space?

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