On Sat, 25 May 2002, James Cameron wrote:

> Just testing server code then ...
> ... set a CA or SC to overfly earth at maxwarp, as soon as you touch the
> planet call in lots of practice robots.  They all tractor you, nailing
> you to the ether.
> (a) the robots fire at where you will be assuming you would do maxwarp
> without being tractored.  Yeah, that's sorta expected, given their lack
> of logic.
Or, if you are flying warp 12 in a SC when you call them in, for some
reason, they don't fire at all, or hardly at all, even if they all have
you tractored.  Slow down to 10 and they start firing.  Very odd.

> (b) the cumulative effect of all those tractors is to reduce your
> forward motion to almost zero, despite the fact that they are pulling
> from all around you.  If the vectors were additive, I would expect to
> keep moving.
I find I always keep moving a little bit, I never come to a full stop, it
kinda jerks you back and forth a bit.