It is quite a simple code base.  There is very little need for any 
documentation.  There are only a few C source files, and tools to 
track the calling order are far more reliable than any external 
documentation.  Tracing execution manually is quite straightforward,
though people with short term memory problems may need to use pen and
paper for some of it.

What documentation there is is in CVS, and included in the .tar.gz 
file.  There is no reason for people not to submit any documentation 
they have made.  I've submitted quite a bit.  I doubt there is much
out there that isn't in CVS.

We have already seen the dangers of documentation that is maintained 
separate from the source file (aka the trimscores issue), and so 
documentation within source is my preference.

While improving documentation may well reduce the time that new
developers take to get up to speed, I'd much rather have those
developers work on client packaging and ease of use.  We just don't need
new server features right now.  That doesn't mean I won't accept them,
just that if I'm to get enthusiastic about something then it should be
about things that will increase the player base.

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