On Sun, 13 Oct 2002, Zach wrote:

> How about using the clue-check code and modify it for this
> purpose. Set a reasonable idle time (say 15 mins) and after

This is excessively complicated and would make observing a pain. James'
original idea of dropping ups if the obs is idle is simpler and makes much
more sense. Since you're already suggesting writing the code to detect
idleness, it's a simple matter to have things like sending a message or
changing lock reset the idle counter. Why make people go through all the
trouble of typing in responses when they can signify their nonidleness
through far simpler means?

Of course, if a server can't afford a few extra kilobits per second for
observers to observe in peace, perhaps that server shouldn't be where it is.
Dropping ups for observers is something that just shouldn't have to happen
in this day and age (netrek is already so much less bandwidth-intensive than
newer games as it is).